Cloe Corpse Song Descriptions

On days like today I love being a writer. This morning I groaned awake as the cat demanded I curtail another lockdown lie in, and I saw that I had a WhatsApp from Cloe Corpse. I know what you’re thinking: “How come Camden’s coolest new artist is messaging you?” Well, she’s also one of my best mates, so nothing unusual. But the work she had for me was very unusual, and exciting. “I’ve got to write some really short descriptions of my songs for Spotify curators. You are the best wordsmith I know [d’aww], if you’re interested could you help me?”

Now, singing the praises of Cloe’s songs is something I’ve done for free at the bar of just about every pop, metal, and pop-metal gig I’ve been to in London. But getting to do it for the eyes of the biggest streaming service’s king and queen makers was a golden opportunity.

So, here you are: a breakdown of the Queen of the Camden Coven’s indomitable anthems. If you’d like me to do something similar for your band, I’m only ever a message away!


Crazy Like A Vampire

Had Bram Stoker’s Dracula been made in the mid-eighties, this would be the soundtrack. A deliciously dark and fiercely fun anthem for rock clubs, dive bars, and scene kid bedrooms.

Bad Dreams

Freddy Kreuger’s Friday night in Camden. This stomping, synthy nightmare bristles with menace beneath the switched-on lyrics and a searing guitar lick straight from Helsinki’s glam revival.


A relentlessly rumbling bass duels with grungey guitars while Corpse weaves a tale of the dark side of The American Dream.

Tears In Heaven

Corpse’s answer to Pantera’s ‘Cemetery Gates’. Pure heartbreak laid bare over a guitar-lick bed of nails with an earworm chorus to belt out as you drown the memory of that someone in Camden’s roughest pubs.

Mågic Nite

A slow burning, synth-led statement of intent which lures you into one of Corpse’s signature stomping choruses.


This track oozes more sweaty, sexy stuff than a goth girl’s knickers after watching a Drew McIntyre fight. Lana Del Rey wishes she could paint a picture of the Strip as seductive and dangerous as this.

Wake Me Up

Soaring vocals dominate this balls-out ballad, built for the hero putting down the cigs and whiskey before winning her back in the final reel of a moody eighties romance.


Jagged electronics and a thunderous heavy metal riff give way to Corpse belting out an arena-shattering anthem. If she’d opened for the Trash tour, Alice Cooper and his boa would never have made it out the dressing room.

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