London is a buzzing, vibrant city with so much going on, and a rich and complex history to discover. It’s so easy to take a wrong turn or to get distracted by the noise of it all. So, make sure you don’t miss out on any of the Big Smoke’s must-see sights or secret stories with one of my bespoke guided tours.

Each tour is completely private, accommodating you and up to nine of your family and friends. It’s an entirely unique experience, seamlessly blending your interests with my knowledge of London and its fascinating past.

Update: In light of current events, all of my tours are now available on a Pay What You Want basis. Please use my contact form or email to take advantage of this limited-time offer today!

Dazzling Dinosaurs, Skyscraper Sloths, and Marvellous Marine Monstrosities 

Take a once-in-a-millennium journey through millions of years of life on earth. Come face to face with dinosaurs, giant mammals, and monsters of the deep at London’s ‘Cathedral to Nature’, the Natural History Museum.

Or, for the real Jurassic Park experience, enjoy a saurian safari tour of wonderful, life-sized models of prehistoric beasts and learn how they rocked Victorian London in Crystal Palace Park.

Approximately 2 hours, £55. 

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From Boudicca to Brexit: London’s Political History

Explore the tumultuous political history of the world’s greatest capital city. Walk in the footsteps of Britain’s most influential Prime Ministers, like Robert Peel and Winston Churchill. Discover the past, present, and future of the monarchy. And dive deep into the inner workings of modern British government as it faces the greatest political challenges of our time.

Approximately 3 hours, £77.

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Scots in London

An essential tour for any Scottish expats or those with a bit of tartan in their blood. Explore the impact of Arthur Conan Doyle, J.M. Barrie, and William Wallace, as well as ordinary Scots, on the British capital. And I’m sure we can make time for a wee dram too…

Approximately 3 hours, £77.

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Sherlock Holmes’ London

Step back in time to the misty, cobbled streets of Sherlock Holmes’ London.

Reveal Arthur Conan Doyle’s relationship with the capital, learn how the city shaped the sleuth, and visit filming locations from the celebrated film and television series starring Robert Downey Jr and Benedict Cumberbatch.

I am an expert on Sherlock Holmes. I have led Sherlock tours for a leading London museum and had my writings on the great detective published internationally. So even the sleuth himself would deduce that this is the definitive Sherlock Holmes tour of London.

Approximately 3 hours, £220.

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Something Completely Different

Let me build a completely new tour from scratch, tailored exclusively to you and your interests.

London is a thriving mega-city with loads for foodies, art lovers, history buffs, music fans, animal people, coffee addicts, Instagram queens, pub goers, and just about any other way you could find to describe yourself!

I’ll find all of the little secret spots to make your visit to London uniquely unforgettable.

From £77. 

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I also offer bespoke itineraries of things to do in my favourite cities. Each itinerary is tailored to you and your interests and is designed to help you discover the best museums, galleries, photo opportunities, eateries, pubs, and secret spots the metropolis has to offer!

I offer itineraries for:

  • London, England

  • Edinburgh, Scotland

  • Glasgow, Scotland

  • Stirling, Scotland

  • Paris, France

  • Porto, Portugal

  • Milan, Italy

£20 per one-day itinerary. 

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Just some of the lovely comments I’ve received from people who’ve enjoyed my bespoke London tours:

“Ryan is an extremely interesting and interested person, a couple of hours with him fly by like minutes!”

  • Joana, Portugal

“No one is quite as capable of telling London’s story the way Ryan does. Great for tours, recommendations and itineraries.”

  • Jamie, New Zealand

“He has just the right level of detail at his fingertips to share and inspire you. His charming Scottish lilt adds to his history story telling. Lovely.”

  • Richard, England

“We really appreciate the passion you have towards what you do. Passionate people like you provide visitors an entirely different experience.”

  • Grace, China

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